Voter Suppression--

What we are proposing to combat it

Action Items from our March meeting

Our Club has initiated a Voting Rights Campaign to:

  • Collect signatures on the petition to restore voting rights to ex-felons.  At our March meeting, we were able to distribute all of our envelopes of 10 petitions!  For those of you who took a package, we ask that you please bring the signed petitions to our April 25th meeting.  We need more volunteers to gather signatures, so please let us know if you want petitions and can help.  We will have more envelopes of 10 petitions to give out at our April meeting.

  • Sign up for Voter Registration Training and Events.  We will have Voter Registration and Vote By Mail training, followed by a Voter Registration Event on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd.  At the event, we will register voters, have Vote By Mail applications, the voter restoration of ex-felons petition and Club flyer.


If you have questions or want to be part of the Voting Rights Campaign, contact Cathy Sternlicht at