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Boca - Social Media Project

Volunteers / Interns Needed

The board of the Democratic Club of Boca Raton & Delray Beach has authorized creation of a program that would engage with students who want to participate more fully in the political process. In addition to serving as interns and volunteers, students can help the club to extend and expand its social media presence and engage with more young voters. The student engagement initiative also can assist precinct leaders and all other members to use social media to reach out in ways that enable us to be in contact with and inform more voters and generate more volunteers. 

Assisting the club will benefit the students not only by providing volunteer opportunities but also by providing a forum for their concerns and ideas, a conduit for information about issues and candidates, and by demonstrating the value of supporting and promoting the democratic ideals of this country.

Recognizing the unprecedented tactics used by Republicans in the 2016 election, we cannot politely sit back and let it happen again. We believe that voter turnout by Democrats is critical. To attain that goal, we must speak out, be involved and engage with voters of all ages and backgrounds. Effective communication is vital to our continuing work. In addition to a revision of the club’s website to make it more relevant and user-friendly, we want to expand to other social media platforms. This project needs to grow organically.  Both the social media platforms and the ideas they publicize will extend as the participants of all ages advise the project.


If you interested in participating, please contact

Charles Oesterle



If you have a child or grandchild in high school or college, please let them know about our club and our web site. Although we have suspended face-to-face meetings during the pandemic, we want to plan an upcoming “bring-a-student” meeting in the near future. If you have a suggestion for a speaker at such a meeting, please forward it to