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President's Welcome Message

Greetings fellow Democrats,


Thank you for being a member of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Club of Boca Raton and Delray Beach. This is a critical time for our state and country and your participation in the political process will be critical over the next few months leading to the 2024 General Election.


Local political clubs, and caucuses, are the backbone of grassroots political activism, and our club has been at the forefront of Palm Beach county politics, both Democratic and nonpartisan. Looking at American politics today, our club’s activism is more important now than ever.


These are trying times for America. The issues facing us, women’s health care, gun violence, gerrymandering, climate change, and too many more to mention here, are daunting. But these issues can be resolved in the legislative process by people acting in good faith. But there is one issue that overrides all the others. And that is the issue of democracy. We, as a people, either believe the United States of America is a transparent democratic republic, or we don’t. Unfortunately, a sizable percentage of our fellow citizens do not believe in and are prepared to abandon democracy. We, as Democrats, cannot allow this to happen.


It’s no secret Florida Democrats took a beating in the last election. There is speculation as to why, but whatever the reason, Democrats just didn’t come out to vote as they have in past elections. Not voting is no longer an option. Voting is everything now. All the money spent, phone calls made, and doors knocked mean nothing if we Democrats don’t get out and vote. And our club will do all it can to help get that vote out. I know it’s been said many times before, but when Democrats come out and vote, Democrats win.


It’s an honor that the club has chosen me to lead our club for this election cycle. I am grateful for the support and encouragement of our past club presidents, Mark Alan Siegel, Linda Rosenthal, Mindy Koch, and Charles Oesterle. With that support combined with our new officers and directors and the membership of so many familiar faces, and now some new ones, I’m confident we can and will be successful.



Democratically yours,


Club President, 2023-present

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