President's Monthly Letter

Dear Democrats:


I watched this week as President Biden awarded Col. Ralph Puckett Jr. the Medal of Honor.  I read how Col, Puckett risked his life by running across an open area three times to draw enemy fire allowing U.S. troops to locate the enemy positions.  After the enemy launched a blistering counterattack, he ordered his men to retreat and to leave him in the foxhole to save themselves.  They refused, dragging him to safety.


As I watched President Biden award the medal and talk with his family, he told how Col. Puckett said that they should just mail the medal to him.  President Biden said that after seventy years rather than mail it to the Colonel he would have walked it to him.  As photographs were taken of the Colonel and his family President Biden kneeled on one knee to allow the Colonel and his family to all be in the picture.  It was a very dignified and yet a human connection.


The ceremony was so unlike the former guy, who was either the center of attention, referring to valiant soldiers as losers and suckers or awarding Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh.  I had such a sense of disgust as he belittled and sullied true American heroes.  Since I do not want to focus on the negative, the question is what can we do?  Welllll, the Republican senators are threatening to filibuster the House's Jan. 6 commission bill.  Contact by mail (slowest), email or call our senators to urge them not to support a filibuster of the Jan. 6 commission bill.


I would urge everyone to watch as President Biden awards the Medal of Honor to Army Colonel Ralph Puckett.  It was truly a moment that makes you proud to be an American.


*  Two more items


Postmaster Louis DeJoy recently released a ten-year reorganization plan for the Post Office that includes lengthening delivery times by as much as five days for some first-class mail, cutting the hours of some post offices, and increasing postal rates.   The plan represents the largest cutback in services in a generation. Critics have noted that these initiatives may negatively impact small businesses (65 percent of National Small Business Association members use the Post Office over private shipping companies) and those individuals who rely on the Post Office for prescription drugs or for financial documents, such as bills, paychecks, and stimulus checks—as well as the Post Office workforce, which is disproportionately comprised of veterans and racial/ethnic minority employees.  Watch our club's website to provide more information and what you can do.


Now that the legislature has passed sweeping laws restricting our voting access and rights, many people ask what can be done.  There is a lot.  This is a topic we will be discussing in upcoming meetings and on our website.  Tell the Senate to Support S1!