Our August Club Meeting was a zoom meeting

that was recorded

"This past weekend someone I knew passed away from Covid - it wasn't anyone I was close to or anything - his wife and I played cards for years until this virus made us shut ourselves into our homes to keep us safe from harm. I had been a part of a Boomer group in our club with them for years and had been to their beautiful home several times for brunches.  

"They both got the virus - I understand she was asymptomatic but he had to be hospitalized many weeks ago where he stayed until he died.  So, for well over a month his wife wasn't able to visit him or speak to him since he had pneumonia and was unable to talk on the phone - so until he became so ill she could no longer communicate with him, they communicated by text - or, at least she did on her end - I don't know if he was strong enough to respond. 

"He died alone - she was at home unable to be with him at the end - unable to say goodbye.  This was a great marriage - I rarely use that adjective to describe a couple's union but this one truly was. She was so proud of him and spoke about him all the time as we women played cards.  We weren't supposed to answer phone calls in the club card room but she always answered when he called. They traveled the world and lived a great life together.  

"This was an awful way for this story to end. I'm sad but I'm also so damn angry because it didn't have to be this way.  


"If we had a president who took this seriously from the beginning and closed the country down like other countries who have managed this virus so well, he probably wouldn't even have gotten this virus. If our Governor had taken his responsibility seriously instead of being so careless and cavalier maybe this man would still be with his wife planning another trip to far off places.  


"If this upsets you in any way please contact the Palm Beach County Democratic Party and volunteer - it isn't too late and we need EVERY vote!!!  


"If we win here in Florida we can rid ourselves of this president and, hopefully, repair the damage he has done to our country!"

Before the presentations stated Jayne Chapman tried to speak to the club members.   Unfortunately her connection was problematic and we were not hear what she was saying.  The following is what she was trying to tell us:  

Supervisor of Elections

Wendy Sartory Link

Wendy Link.jpg

With the new reality of the covid-19 pandemic Wendy as has to navigate the waters of increased vote by mail and maintaining a safe voting experience.

Wendy Sartory Link was raised in Palm Beach County and has lived here most of her life. 

She left the area for college, graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then Duke University Law School. She practiced law for a few years in Los Angeles before returning to Palm Beach County in the early 1990s.  As a lawyer she focused in the areas of commercial real estate, asset-based financing, title insurance, business transactions and corporate issues.  

In 2018 she was appointed Supervisor of Elections by Governor DeSantis.  Formerly registered as a Republican, she changed her registration to no political affiliation and then to Democratc in 2019.  With this election, she will continue as the Supervisor of Elections.

Frank A. Barbieri, Jr., Esq. 

Palm Beach School Board
District 5 (Board Chair)

Barbieri_District 5.jpg

He was elected to the Palm Beach County School Board in 2008 to represent District 5, the district that includes all of the schools in West Boca Raton and the city of Boca Raton, as well as other parts of Palm Beach County. 

He was elected and served as School Board Chairman in 2010, 2011 and was elected Vice Chairman in November 2013. Since his initial appointment, he has been and continues to be a strong voice and advocate for teachers and parents. He values and cares deeply about the children, their well-being and unceasingly promotes for them to receive the best education and resources possible.

He is an Attorney with the firm Sachs Sax Caplan, in Boca Raton and concentrates his practice in the areas of estate planning and real estate.


Before earning his Juris Doctor Degree at the University of Akron, Mr. Barbieri was a Police Officer for 11 years in Akron, Ohio.